For Patients

We are a team that creates better orthodontic service options for you by working with your trusted local team. We are board-certified and licensed orthodontic specialists that have completed 2-3 years of additional formal residency training after dental school. This is all we do. All day, every day.

We help your current dentist elevate your care in a collaborative way to ensure you get the best experience and result possible in a more convenient way. No more running around to different offices to see different doctors only to sit around and wait for them to finally call or email each other. And you won’t find cheesy social media posts trying to convince you to choose us. Your doctor already has.

We’re just nice, professional, talented, experienced doctors that value educating and treating you in a modern way to exceptional standards. All in partnership with your doctor.

If you happened to find us first and need a dentist, we’ve got you covered! We happen to know a few great ones. We believe in healthy teeth first which is why we only support and work with your local doctors too.

Our Specialists. Your team. Your terms.

Make your smile do more. Explore our WYSDM Commitment.