For Orthodontists:

Choose where and when you work. We help you get there. If you want to manage parental leave without losing your pay, we want to work with you! If you need some time away from the chair to manage your life, we want to work with you! If you want to spend time exploring new places and seeing new faces, we want to work with you! We want you to be the best doctor you can be and enjoy your career outside a traditional full time in-the-chair model.

Do right by people no matter what, increase access to better care and live your best life. And if you choose to move on we will support you. We believe in the modern collaborative doctor and the elevation of the profession through mutual support.

Explore our WYSDM Commitment.

For Dentists:

We offer multiple levels of service to help expand your in-house specialist treatment options. You’ve built your reputation on trust and exceptional clinical care. Your patient base relies on your treatment recommendations and referrals. Don’t be conflicted on specialist care or your referral flow. Let us help you determine what is appropriate for each case and support you, your practice and your operations along the way.

We offer three options: You treat. We help you treat. Or we treat. Each case is customized for the doctor and patient to ensure the best fit for your culture and team, quality of care, patient experience, convenience and, yes, your bottom line. Because when we grow together everyone benefits.

Make your referral do more. Explore our WYSDM Commitment.

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